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Why does your business need a social media presence?

Social media is a golden opportunity to talk to your existing and prospective customers, engage with those who will shout about your brand and it’s now an important factor in ranking well in search.


It's also one of the most rapidly changing marketing channels, with new features and updates constantly being released by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat... It can be hard to keep up, or even know where to start!


I experience needed to make the most of your profiles - whatever the nature of your business. So how do I do it?​

Social Media Audit

I start by performing an audit of your target audience and cross reference this with your current channels set up – however many this may be. This is a key stage in the process as I will make sure the right channels are set up for the right audience in mind. I will also make sure these profiles are optimised for best practice too.


Build Your Audience

I will strategically target users and influencers in your industry to follow/monitor in order to put your brand front and centre to those who will make a positive difference.


Engage With Influencers

Not only do I target influencers to follow, but I will engage with them too. I will work closely with your business to define a tone of voice that suits your brand’s style and start conversations with influencers in your sector.


Social Posting

I will also provide you with social post schedules which will promote content already on your site as well as content I may create for you. 


Social Advertising

Social advertising can turbo boost engagement and website traffic to unprecedented heights. 


Social Campaigns

I can also deliver bespoke social media campaigns designed to drive social engagement, capture data and boost the visibility of a new product. 


Facebook can form a core part of your digital strategy, and is a platform I have experience in, devising creative, thought-driven campaigns designed to generate great results. 


I continue to optimise and review campaigns regularly to ensure I am serving the most effective ads to your audiences.


Due to the nature of the platform and the data it collects from users, Facebook targeting options are incredibly detailed, with the ability to target the most relevant audience based on interest, demographics, location, behaviour etc. In addition to this, Facebook has several objective types and ad formats, which allows advertisers to create ads intended for a specific action i.e drive footfall to a local store or generate online conversions.


In addition to using Facebook’s own audiences, I can create custom and remarketing audiences, allowing your business to reach users that have previously engaged with your brand before – this is great for building brand loyalty and retention.


A picture says a thousand words. It’s an age old saying that still stands true today. The images your business shares on Instagram will form the opinions most people have about your business. Your customers want to see daily updates from you and behind the scenes views. They want to see inside the personality behind your brand.


Instagram is a high-engagement social media platform that 59% of internet users view. Of these users, most are of the younger demographic who spend most their time connected on social media. Studies have shown that 60% of people who use Instagram say the platform is where they have discovered new products. Instagram Marketing can put your business above competitors in a way that can generate more brand awareness, followers, engagement, and customers.


What are Instagram Management Services?

Instagram management services are professional services designed to create and implement Instagram marketing campaigns on your behalf. Instagram marketing services include account monitoring, content creation, audience growth, and reporting. The time and energy spent managing your Instagram account will be minimized with Instagram management services.

Using Instagram marketing services will also elevate the quality on your Instagram page. You can expect to see higher quality content, more relevant followers, and more creativity on your Instagram to boost results. When done correctly, you can spread word-of-mouth and gain new customers through Instagram management.


Did you know that Twitter has 316 million active users and 79% of them recommend a brand that they follow?


Many companies especially B2B, overlook Twitter in their social media marketing strategies, assuming that their brand and services are ill-suited for promotion across the real-time platform. But in reality, Twitter presents a huge opportunity for businesses to develop relationships with their targeted audience and convert them into brand advocates.


What’s required, however, is the consistent creation of original, engaging content that attracts and delights followers and converts them into leads and customers.


I can help you develop a comprehensive organic and paid Twitter marketing strategy that will boost your bottom line. My Twitter marketing strategies drive brand awareness, and meet your social marketing goals by participating in trending topics and Twitter chats, scheduling curated and original content tweets, engaging with your followers, and creating highly targeted paid advertisements.


I have experience managing successful Twitter advertising campaigns on behalf of companies across a variety of industries, such as fashion, beauty, and music.


While it’s still not Google, Pinterest is quickly becoming a search powerhouse. With the right strategy and content, it has the potential to drive loads of traffic to your website, and leads into your funnel.


Pinterest users are also highly receptive to searching for and discovering products on the platform, with many using it as a way to “save” products that they want to purchase at a later time. This makes it the ideal social platform for businesses with actual products to sell.


I will get to work for you, making sure you’re not missing out on the massive potential that Pinterest has to offer businesses.

3-Tier Strategic Approach


Content Creation

  • 1 original post per day

  • 10 re-pins per day


Audience Growth

  • Optimize profile

  • Identify top influencers

  • Follow relevant users



  • Engage with and share influencers’ content

  • Comment and mention when appropriate



It’s not enough just to upload your business’s video to YouTube. If you want people to find your video, you need to optimize it! Much like with search engine optimization, YouTube video optimization requires you to do some keyword research and then optimize your video’s title, description, tags, and annotations.

I can help you set up and optimize your company’s YouTube channel and videos. 

Youtube Analytics

All online marketing can and should be measured. My approach to YouTube marketing (and marketing in general) is:


Youtube Advertising

YouTube has a larger adult audience than any cable network, and unlike television, you can target your ad only to your target audience. Plus, if you already use Google AdWords, I can connect YouTube advertising directly to your AdWords account.

There are a number of YouTube advertising options to choose from, and I can help you decide what’s going to be the most cost-effective for your business:

  • TrueView In-Display Video Ads – These videos are promoted next to the YouTube videos, but your video does not play automatically. Google only charges your AdWords account when people click on the thumbnail of the video and start to watch it.

  • In-Stream Video Ads – These ads are fairly cheap, costing around $0.04 per view. This means, if you get 1,000 views, you would only be charged $40. You can choose between skippable and non-skippable ads.​​

  • Overlay In-Video Ads – These types of ads are very similar to AdWords text ads, as the headline and description lines are the same number of characters, but they appear in YouTube videos. These types of ads are not truly video ads, and they only are shown in videos.

  • Remarketing Video Advertising – Video remarketing allows you to target those who have previously watched your videos on YouTube or the Google Display Network.


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